About Us

About Us
OP Natura Dauna, the story of a choral enterprise.

This story begins with a single entrepreneur who decided to join forces to create a cooperative that now counts as many as 120 members.

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OP Natura Dauna represents the story of a choral enterprise. The company was born in 2012, thanks to the endeavor of the agricultural entrepreneur Matteo Sgarro, driven by the urge to aggregate production potential to become competitive on the market. The co-op now has a total of 120 members.

Sharing resources earned OP Natura Dauna the important recognition as a “Producers Organization” from Apulia’s regional authorities in its first year of activity. An achievement that allowed the co-op to obtain a 4% refund on revenue from the European Community, at the benefit of members.

OP Natura Dauna works to seek and reward quality. The company’s mission is to aid the co-op’s members’ produce to reach final consumers, ensuring expertise and attention throughout all the production stages. The quest for excellence is crucial to OP Natura Dauna. As a matter of fact we proud ourselves in making the trust and satisfaction of  clients a prominent entry on our balance sheet.

Producing and distributing high quality crops requires a lot of work, both on product and process. The work cycle calls for different phases, with regards to the highest standards in quality. Once bulk produce is delivered and thoroughly checked, we stock it in cold rooms on wooden pellets, awaiting the next production step.

After being selected, produce is cleaned, weighed, packaged or bunched, and manually arranged in wooden or plastic crates. Finally goods are labeled and stored in cold rooms, ready to be loaded on  refrigerated vehicles and delivered to wholesalers, therefore the distribution net.

Our motto is quality, our challenge, every day, is to improve ourselves!